Monday, July 26, 2010


One does wonder about a political system that punishes those who exposed the fact that for years government officials have been lying to your face about a war. Meanwhile those who started the war and authorized torture are allowed to not only escape punishment, but get seven and eight-figure book contracts.


DrDick said...

Further proof that there is no god.

Anonymous said...

Punish them by just ignoring them.
In July 1940 the foreign minister of Japan openly pleaded with the emporer and govt officials NOT to make plans for war but to avoid it at all costs. He was on the front cover of Time magazine. After war began, he tried again with no sucess and committed hari-kari in protest. I just learned of this Saturday. In war in any land it seems, opposition is squelched. vox

Anonymous said...

the gnews look back function is disabled.