Thursday, July 29, 2010

Y'know it's completely predictable

That our six and seven-figured "jounalists" hyperventilate over the private emails on "Journolist" while they have spent well-over a decade ignoring constant and blatant right-wing spinning of the news, and the creation of false controversies that go on 24/7 on FoxNews.


JDM said...

Motherfuckers. particularly that scumbucket Murdoch. Tx, kkklintone, fer letting the the fairness doctrine die without a fight and the courageous fight to end concentration in media ownership.

pansypoo said...

imagine where hitler could have gone with the useless corporate news of today + the fux gnews propaganda wing.


Olives and Arrows said...

How are those memos supposedly "blatant right wing spinning of the news".?

Just because Fox isn't toeing the more common leftist narrative of the other major networks, doesn't necessarily mean it's significantly right wing.
After all there's plenty of room for Fox in the center or just to the right of center. And the majority of Americans are moderates, a majority that really isn't reflected with the (present) dominance of leftist journalism. Just another reason that Fox news consistently destroys the others in the rating numbers.

Montag said...

I can tell that O&A is a touch typist. It's the only way he could work the keyboard with his head that far up his ass.