Monday, September 27, 2010

Dear NBC

I know you are all proud of yourselves for capping off your critically regarded, but relatively lightly viewed, Thursday comedies with the new depressing and offensive 'Outsourced'.

But if you are going to go with racially offensive stereotypes that will draw in the FoxNews demographic might I suggest...

"The New Adventures of the Old Amos 'n Andy"?


Athenawise said...

Other shows to round out the lineup:

Too Fat for the Popular Kids

Two and a Half Girly Men

Fifteen, And I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant

DrDick said...

"The New Adventures of the Old Amos 'n Andy"?

I understand that it is currently in development.

Privatize the Profits! Socialize the Costs! said...

Father Knows Best

Leave It To Boehner

pansypoo said...

or they could just rerun seinfeld.

omen said...

what's special is GE's former ceo, jack welch, came up with the concept of outsourcing american call centers to india. so, is this show a homage to jack welch?

one of howard dean's campaign ideas was to return those call center jobs back to the US and set them up in depressed rural areas.

omen said...

Too Fat for the Popular Kids


how about:

soup kitchen hijinks

or a skid row muscial

Greendayman said...

Disgusting, amoral, racist claptrap specifically designed for the Fox News Demographic: Those who made a shitload of money outsourcing our jobs, and ignorant bigots who laugh at "funny looking" brown people, their accents and their ignorance of pop American (so-called) culture.

If Fox News can garner a majority share of cable news ratings despite having the LEAST informed viewership then this offensive-on- so-many-levels show has a chance in the new know-nothing America.

Major Woody said...

Idiotocracy indeed.