Monday, September 27, 2010

What a shocker!

For only the 375,373rd time since 1948 talks between the Israelis and Palestinians fall apart as one side has to be an even bigger asshole than the other asshole.

A senior Palestinian official says President Mahmoud Abbas will quit Mideast peace talks if Israel resumes construction in West Bank settlements now that 10-month-old building restrictions have expired.

Palestinians have repeatedly threatened to quit U.S.-mediated talks relaunched earlier this month in Washington if Israel does not extend the freeze on new settlement construction that ended at midnight.

Israel has not offered to renew the restrictions, despite demands from Washington and the Palestinians to do so.

Sadly, this only gets reported in loud detail when the Palestinians exercise their turn, so the trick is how to turn this into their fault. I have no doubt Wolf Blitzer and FoxNews are up to the task.


StonyPillow said...

The Jabotinskyites want to Eat It All. Bet it gives 'em indigestion.

DrDick said...

Obviously a legitimate justification for Israel to level every Palestinian settlement in the West Bank with sustained bombing and precision rocket attacks, to be followed by tank battalions to clean up anything that is left.

pansypoo said...

when a settler dies, O?A pops his head up.

Anonymous said...

Funny how we're begging our Middle Eastern welfare state to stop doing self-destructive things. They have the accountability of a spoilt teenager with indulgent rich parents.