Friday, September 24, 2010

Just Wondering

Bill O'Reilly says he has compromising information regarding Christine O'Donnell but he won't release it.

Do you think he recorded phone calls he made to here where he informed her he was masturbating while they were talking?

What O'Reilly did - according to the suit - was repeatedly proposition Mackris. In the conversations recorded by Mackris, he allegedly suggests that she buy a vibrator, boasts of teaching women to masturbate, discusses what kind of sex they should have and launches into 'a vile and degrading monologue'.

Sounds like they have a lot they can teach each other.


pansypoo said...


jimmiraybob said...

Remember Tea Bag Nation why we fight!

Every time a monkey gets petted, a pearl gets patted, or – good Lord forbid – an unmarried penis is inserted into its mating unit’s non-lawfully wedded vagina, an Obama Terror Mouse gets a fully formed human brain.

And now a few words of inspiration from our own Momma Chaste Grizzly:

NIES: You're going to stop the whole country from having sex?
O'DONNELL: Yeah. Yeah!

Halleluya. Praise the Lard. Amen.

[If O'Butthead hopes that any of his stuff will still have relevance, he'd better get it on the air fast.]