Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yelling not just for clouds anymore

John McCain shifts not so subtlety to the "LaLaLaLa" I can't hear you tact:


Anonymous said...

What a cranky old coot.
So bored with these clowns.


Anonymous said...

shut up, mcCANT.

JDM said...

WTF is wrong with that nasty old fucking fuck? He's got a rich wife, lotsa houses, even some women to bang his sorry old kept man, flappy armed ass - why's he such a vicious little prick?

omen said...

that was really powerful testimony from the gay advocate who was on olbermann's show. the military had been conducted mccarthyeque witch hunts specifically to expel gays.

why wasn't this the storyline months ago? some of the outed soldiers' stories hinted at some of this, but the term "witch hunt" hadn't been used before. singling out and persecuting an innocent minority group, people who have had been following all of the stated rules...nothing is more unamerican. no wonder this got under mccain's skin.

why is obama defending, aiding and abetting witch hunters?

joe said...

To be fair to Commander Grumpypants, she was on his lawn.

"why is obama defending, aiding and abetting witch hunters?"

Biden already answered this - they cut a deal to hold off on an executive order, in exchange for support for a legislative repeal. Killing off DADT finally, thoroughly, and sustainably - as opposed to an order than can just be undone by the next president - is a prize worth waiting for.

Obviously, though, if the legislative repeal doesn't go through, then he should act on his own.

omen said...

please, how many times have dems needless weakened legislation by absorbing republican amendments? only to be stabbed in the back and fail to get any republican votes. did biden really expect a different outcome this time?

to demonstrate good faith and to show that obama is serious about repealing dadt, he could order the pentagon stop dismissing gays until the study had been completed.

he has failed to do that. that suggests either the he's not serious about repealing the policy (see how he keeps slow walking the thing, throwing up one precondition after another as obstacles,) that he's worried about the political consequence of doing so, or that he doesn't really believe that gays have the same rights as everybody else.