Friday, September 17, 2010

Talk about a walking time-bomb

Guy fired from FoxNews for having temper-tantrums, and it isn't O'Reilly:

Brian Wilson, a longtime Fox News anchor and correspondent, is leaving the network under a cloud of rumors about his temper.


Athenawise said...

Well, of course he left FoxNews. Too much yelling for the resident muse of the Beach Boys.

Oh. That Brian Wilson.

Montag said...

Fret not. I'm sure Politico is making him an offer at this very moment....

pansypoo said...

or CNN.

Anonymous said...

what is fox news? I don't even know what channel it occupies, nor do I care.
This twit no longer "works" there?
I know a hell of a lot of folks, including my sister, a brother, and a brother-in-law, who don't work anywhere, and not because of bad tempers.