Thursday, September 16, 2010

Some outrages are greater than others

Oh sure, I could post a few more wisecracks about Christine O'Donnell and how she thinks evolution isn't true because we would have developed oven-mitts for hands (speaking of mittens). However, all the good masturbation jokes always get used up in the first ten to fifteen minutes and then I lose interest fast. Besides, the real irony of her victory is it caused Chris Matthews to self-pleasure live on tv (sad really, as "Whack Off Live" is already a show on FoxNews)

Instead, let's have some real legitimate outrage, international edition. Somebody has observed Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck and evolved their outrage for profit model up a notch:

Holocaust denier David Irving will begin leading tours of the former Nazi death camps of Auschwitz and Treblinka next week.

The British historian is also scheduled to lead a group of American and British tourists in the former Warsaw ghetto. His tour brochure promises an experience far removed from the "tourist attractions of Auschwitz". He will charge the tour participants $2,650 each.

For those of you unfamiliar who Irving is, Worst Human on the Planet may be too insignificant a title.

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Aaron said...

It's times like this I wished I believed in an afterlife so I could wish this fucker would spend his burning like a pile of tires.

pansypoo said...

i believe cause too many need to be in hell.

mittens needs the crazee wing to win.