Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What Would Peggy Noonan Do?

I'm guessing that Christine O'Donnell was so excited about winning last night's primary she promptly went back to her hotel room and got out the Hitachi Magic Wand.

...her neck hurt you perverts!

Although, unfortunately, that photo is crying out for ribald "gifs" as much as any picture in the history of "html" abuse.

(AFP/Getty Images/Mark Wilson)


Anonymous said...

In the face of this tsunami of bad press from the EmmEssEmm, Sarah Palin and all the Mama Grizzlies should stand up and say, "I am Christine O'Donnell".

StonyPillow said...

Who's Nailin' Palin II -- "coming" soon to a video store near you.

JDM said...

No masturbation scenes, tho.

Anonymous said...

Jesus H. Tap Dancing Christ on a pony!

Can you imagine how Mike Castle must feel this morning after losing to this anti-wanker who has never been laid? Hide the sharp objects!


DrDick said...

I really think that picture calls, nay demands, a special blow up doll.

Anonymous said...

she's more of a giver.

Anonymous said...

in oz, they have been reporting on this with open amusement and worry, the repub party has lost's base and it's mind to the tea party, and it worries them. of course, they have their own issues with abbott and the "liberal" party here, being john howards former play date and their ownxenophobia and hateful fearmongering...

guess it's monkey see, monkey do...

at least they don't have the bomb... or even half the population to match the estimated 48 million usa citizens who are destitute and impoverished due to tax cuts and privatization of public duties.

but they are doing their best to be america light...

nice of the teabaggers to show em how.

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