Sunday, September 19, 2010

Maron & Mehlman

Are you following this Maron/Mehlman jaunt?

This -- and the time Kevin Smith Tweeted from a Southwest flight -- may be the only time Twitter has actually been interesting. So maybe being on an airplane is the secret ingredient.

/via Gawker

Update: Dammit, now Mehlman is telling Maron he's a "libertarian Republican". I hate this cowardly, "Oh, I'm really more in the nature of a libertarian" backpeddling stuff from Republicans. Give me a break. You're a Republican. Just like the Tea Partiers. Sheesh.

Oh, and on a not-entirely-unrelated note, I see at TPM that Fat Newt wants to outlaw Sharia law in the United States. And I'm wondering if that's because he's terrified of what Sharia law would say about a guy with his history of philandering and dumping wives on their sickbeds and the like. Does anyone know?


Raoul Paste said...

Newt, directly appealing to the paranoid, mentally ill, ignorant segment of America.

Is this guy evil or what?

Anonymous said...

We might assume "they"bury him up to his neck, then stone him, pour honey on his mashed skull and leave him for the ants and birds.
At least, that's what I'd do. vox

Anonymous said...

I think he's OK on the adultery charges--according to the sex has to be seen by four eyewitnesses and Newt and his friends are likely less kinky than that. Though perhaps not much. Rastignac

Kaleberg said...

He'd love Sharia law. To divorce your wife, you just declare her divorced to her face three times. There's nothing she can do about. It's perfect family values stuff.

Athenawise said...

The comments on this post are another reason why this is one of my favorite blogs.

Whip smackin'.

pansypoo said...

pretty sure republikkklans aspire to sharia.

Mustang Bobby said...

I understand Newt wants to have a federal law banning entmoots because you know that talking trees gathering together are up to no good.