Saturday, September 25, 2010

Republicans get what they wish for July 2021

The nation's unemployment rate jumped 20% last month and the GDP is expected to fall by 40% this quarter as the nation's bars, strip clubs, theaters, movie industry, music industry, hotels, linen manufacturers, pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, liquor, florists, restaurants, diamond, and confectionery industries shut down as President Christine O'Donnell's"No Sex for Anybody Law" takes effect.

FoxNews blames Islamic Socialist Mexicans, nation, suddenly with a great deal more free time can now think about it and 95% disagree.


Anonymous said...

From the comments on Krugman's blog, Ayn Rand as Charles Manson (WARNING: GRAPHIC VIOLENCE):

Anonymous said...

maybe the returds should take over the congress so their obstruction is in the full light so the sheeple can fucking see it.

jimmiraybob said...

Dateline August 2021

Viagra outlawed under GOP Holy Purity legislation. Industry and finance crumble. America beset by massive panic and riots. Dollar devalued to 2 cents due to uncontrolled black market. Vatican and major GOP investors seize majority share of black market Viagra activities. Reformed Churches and major GOP investors vow war to regain control. Glenn Beck and his Goldline Party routes minor opposition from President O'Donnell and assumes control of government. Following dissolution of Congress, mandatory gold buying legislation fast tracked and approved by Fox News.

Progressives, once thought only to be communist parasites and cockroaches are proven by Generalisimo Beck's Justice Department to be witches and hung en masse. Vatican rejoices at the return of the glory of the auto de fé, urges more burning at stake, and opens new Offices of Inquisition in New York and Washington DC. Reformed Churches vow war to regain auto de fé supremacy. Unemployment plunges to 80%. Vatican and Reformed Churches see sharp uptick in Holy Army recruiting. War industries and major GOP investors report rapid 3rd quarter growth.

pansypoo said...

a lot of viagra is used for masturbatiob. how does o'donnel feel about that?

omen said...

thom hartmann argued the climate bill would have generated a million jobs.

how hard is it to frame republicans as blocking jobs?

omen said...

in his UN address, obama said we have resisted protectionism. um, what we need now is a little bit more protectionism.

what are we still doing with tax cuts and incentives that reward corporations for shipping jobs overseas?

Major Woody said...

Viagra will never be outlawed. It's for men, after all. Men are perfectly competent to decide what to do with their bodies in regards to sex and such, while women need to be protected from such things. On the other hand, I'm not sure who the guys taking Viagra are supposed to be gettin' it on with.