Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Free Market will decide "Who Lives, Who Dies"

Yesterday, it was proclaimed that we on the "left", apparently both professional and amateur, oppose Glenn Beck's efforts to make money off of the tragedy of 9/11 because we hate the free market -- at least according to Glenn Beck.

But really, it does appear the Free Market really is about who lives and who dies:

The Iowa egg farm at the center of a massive salmonella outbreak received hundreds of positive results for salmonella in the two years before its eggs sickened more than 1,500 people, congressional investigators said Tuesday.

Oh, no need to regulate that.

And it appears not regulating is going to be the way to go anyway.

For the first time since the 1930s, participation in Republican primaries exceeds participation in Democratic primaries

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JDM said...

Ya know, give Ed Gein a nice shave and a pair of aviators, he looks just like "Jack" Decoster:

How come we regulated Ed but not "Jack"?

Anonymous said...

we have to hit the bottom for people to wake up.

not enough people ate bad eggs.