Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Now THIS is white-washing your history

Haley Barbour is now re-writing the history of the sixties to enable his birther-bullshit today.

As always, what Digby says.


Montag said...

Haley Barbour is one of those public people that one knows is lying simply because his lips are moving.

He was corrupt to the core the moment he entered politics, and he hasn't improved since.

Athenawise said...

Republicans live by two mantras:

1. I've got mine, and the hell with you.

2. Lie, lie, lie, because the truth is fair game.

Anonymous said...

man, his kharma is asking for it.

omen said...

only in american can someone like haley barbour, as head of the rnc, get caught accepting illegal campaign contributions from hong kong, not give it back, not pay a consequence for it and yet still remain unsullied and retain a viable political future.

what kind of policies did the communist chinese buy for their money?