Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Well, I guess sometimes you do get a break

Things haven't looked too good for Russ Feingold recently. The Wisconsin Senator who is generally a reliable progressive, if occasionally a tad sanctimonious, is having a tough reelection campaign. In a year that has been good for Republicans (for once it really is good news for them) Feingold had recently fallen double-digits behind his Republican opponent, Ron Johnson, in some polls (that aren't Rasmussen).

But as they say the Lord works in mysterious ways...especially when you are running against an idiot.

Here's Mr. Johnson on videotape (via Jud Loundsbury at the Great Orange Satan) protecting the right of Catholic Diocese to reassign pedophile priests and make it harder for victims to sue. A real popular position all around.

Your move Russ.

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pansypoo said...

may his teabag leak bad leaves.

Anonymous said...

Can pedophile priests vote for Feingold's opponent? vox

omen said...

why was feingold AWOL during the healthcare debate? i didn't hear from him until the thing was passed. why didn't he exert influence to improve the thing like sanders did?

it goes without saying that voters are less likely to support you if they don't see you fighting for their interest. russ might have done good things before, but at this point he looks like he's sitting on his laurels.