Friday, September 24, 2010

We are governed by idiots

And now I will pound my own head into pulp in frustration:

So why did it [voting on extending Tax Cuts, except for Rich People] fail? According to a very plugged in Senate aide, Senators debating the issue were very aware that the polling was on their side. Yet, paradoxically, this ended up tipping the balance against holding the vote. Senate Dems felt they were alreadly winning on the issue, and in the end they thought a vote risked upsetting a dynamic that was already playing in their favor.


Montag said...


That's pretty rich.

NonyNony said...


Not having a vote means you don't have the issue for the election. Republican voters want to hear promises about what Republican candidates will do because Republicans are out of power. Democratic voters want to hear about what you have done in addition to what you will do because you're the fucking majority party and you're the ones who are supposed to be able to run on your record.

Your record sucks. The last two years have been massive, massive suckage. You need as many things in the "things I have done for you" column as you can possibly get going into this election. And you don't have 'em.

You think not doing anything is better than doing something? Do you think your voters are Republicans? Morans.

Raoul Paste said...

So rather than do something that actually helps average people, themselves, and the country, they do what they think is good for them politically?

It sounds like what Republicans would do. Aarrrggghh!

rapier said...

It's kind of like the Chicago Bears, pick a year. Deciding to run it up the gut to end the first half when down 10 points. Figuring they have the opponent just where they want them.

pansypoo said...

there was lieberfuckenputz to spoil the broth as he wanted to pander to the rich and others. you just know joemental would go on teevee before the election and just fuck it up.

Jamie said...

well I see that I'll win the game with a checkmate in 7 moves, so I'll resign right now. Winning the game might get me cocky

pansypoo said...

need the full GIF.

omen said...

the same kind of twisted dc logic argued the bp spill meant it took the climate bill debate off the table.

nony, it wasn't all suckage. look at what else was in the repeal dadt bill.

gop also killed a program to "aid troops who suffered traumatic brain injury and ptsd."

gop "killed money for a domestic violence program" for miltary families.

and so on.

on other bills republicans voted against healthcare for 9/11 first responders and voted to protect rapists.

why aren't dems making republicans eat their votes and hold them accountable for their obstructionism??