Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Has Olbermann declared this guy 'Worst Person in the World' yet?

Josh Marshall first reported on this asshole a few days ago, and it's all coming out of the woodwork now:

Ruskiewicz went to Kratz in 2008 asking for support for her pardon application. She said they met in his office, where he asked an odd question about whether she thought it was appropriate for a boss to have a sexual relationship with a secretary. She said she was confused but grateful for his support.

He gave her his cell phone number, and she texted him later to thank him for the help — a move she now calls a mistake.

She said his messages soon turned suggestive. She recalled him texting while he was on vacation in Michigan with his family asking her to impress him "in between naps." She said he later pestered her when she didn't answer.

This is the third woman (oops, make it fourth) to come forward on the "Sexting Wisconsin DA", the first was a woman going through an "abuse" case, the second was invited to the ever-romantic event known as an autopsy and now this.

Katz is a Republican, which naturally means nothing -- as opposed to if it were a Democrat, then we'd have Malkin and Morning Doocies going apeshit that this has some broad meaning. But I think it suffices to just sum him up as a scumbag, regardless of Party affiliation.

I bet he enjoys tasering reports...just something for Digby to look into.

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Anonymous said...

ahhh, that explains his assholeness. and his lawyers. fux entitlement to keep his job.