Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Today in Bizarre (Possibly Criminal and/or Pathological) Sexual Obsessions

Exhibit I: Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei

Exhibit II: James O'Keefe

Exhibit III: Andrew Shirvell

Exhibit IV: Carl Paladino

Give Christine O'Donnell time. The day's still got a few hours left in which another of her bizarre sexual obsessions may be revealed as Exhibit V.


Anonymous said...

SEX as a diversionary tactic?
When everyone knows w. didn't start the war in Iraq or Afganistan, or lower taxes to send the economy into merciless cesspool of debt, or improve workers' wages or benefits in any way, or have any sex relations with anyone, even his wife, when prez. Or go to Dover to welcome home soldiers who died for his wars.
Why go there now, when SEX is so much more funfilling? vox

Montag said...

Funny thing... if the creeps and crazies were in any way inclined to listen to O'Donnell (after all, they are her presumed audience and constituency), we might be spared the antics of those mentioned in the post.

So, why exactly is it that when one of their own lists as one of her missions in life the eradication of sex from modern-day life, all the people cheering her on do the precise opposite?

Guess hypocrisy is now a team sport....

pansypoo said...

this is different?

they are republikkklans.

Unknown said...

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