Sunday, September 19, 2010

Names to Remember

Greg Sgammato and Javier Avitia.

Charmers, both.


DrDick said...

Alright! I foresee lots of lonely "date nights" in their future.

Anonymous said...

I thought Johns Hopkins students would be classier that.
But, the decline in newspapers no doubt has contributed to the plunging quality of who does their opining and reporting. vox

zuzu said...

How did I know that when the nonpology came, it would start with "But it was satire"!

Guess the English Dept. at JHU needs to work on that one.

Athenawise said...

I know the former president of Johns Hopkins, a classy guy. He'd be appalled at both articles.

pansypoo said...

can i complaim about FAT guys now? beer guts? facial hair shit? manners?
no, pansypoo is not fat. just german.