Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm high on this young man's future

He's a budding genius!

Jacob Isom—the rattail-coiffed hero who swiped a Koran from right-wing fanatics and ran—has a dream. "I want to be in High Times," he told me by telephone. Then he showed a t-shirt screenprinted with his face.

Link contains picture that implies Jacob already thinks he's on High Times magazine's cover.


StonyPillow said...

David Grisham, Quran burning guy, is an armed guard at B&W Pantex near Amarillo, Texas. That's the place where they retrofit nukes, store the plutonium pits from old nukes, and fabricate the ultra-high explosives needed to initiate a nuclear chain reaction. And he wants to start a holy war.

Warning, Will Robinson. Warning, warning, warning.

pansypoo said...

HOW high?

indeed. warning.

Anonymous said...

B&W Pantex sounds more like a place that makes pantyhose than killing devices.
Pizza dudes have the common touch. Love em & the product they make, sell, deliver.