Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's only worth reporting if it's a Democrat

Mr. Sheri Annis puts it out there, like the world's worst media critic:

And here's the thing: the slightly mocking tone with which some journalists are portraying these tea party conservatives is probably helping them with the broad swath of voters who don't much trust the media. If some of these voters are fed up with the establishment, that would include the establishment press. O'Donnell, for one, has cleverly brushed aside questions about her checkered finances by saying that helps her identify with struggling workers.

I don't immediately associate having dabbled in witchcraft with senatorial service. But if see the 11-year-old Bill Maher clip one more time I'm going to feel like making my TV set disappear.

Ah, but whatever Newt Gingrich wants to bilge up cannot get enough coverage for the Putz.


Athenawise said...

Yes, those nasty, nasty journalists are hurting the feelings of those poor, poor Republican candidates.

/sarcasm off/

Unfortunately, merely reporting wackjob candidates' behaviors and beliefs results in voters blaming the media for piling on. Classic disconnect.

pansypoo said...

it's like being able to vote for katie couric.

Anonymous said...

A fat, bilious redneck who resigned in disgrace as House Speaker 12 years ago is the most important mouthpiece in Howie the Whore's Village of Idiots.

PoorlyReceivedSnark said...

Add "Cleverly" to the OED-size list of words Howie can't properly use in a sentence.