Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Well, that promise lasted less than half-a-day

So guess what the self-proclaimed team-name of Bristol Palin's dance pairing is?
Team Ballin'

How fitting for a knocked-up-single mother-cum-abstinence advocate.


sukabi said...

if her partner had to explain the song "Momma Told Me Not To Come" to Bristol, there's no way she's bright enough to get the significance of "Team Ballin'" which makes it that much funnier / sadder...

JDM said...

Where no rubber meets the birth canal....,

pansypoo said...

how do i make my MEH in BOLD?

jimmiraybob said...

The Honorable Dr. Attaturk,

Have you ever considered turning this blog more toward family friendly values and not posting any more about republicans, movement conservatives, tea baggers, republican-movement conservative-teabagger-grifters and republican-movement conservative-teabagger-grifter's families?

Malaclypse said...

a knocked-up-single mother-cum-abstinence advocate.

I see what you did there.

Olives and Arrows said...

I just can't understand this fixation of yours with Sarah
Palin's daughter? ...It's very strange, indeed.

Since Atta is unlikely or unable (read: too embarrassed) to answer, can any of you loser regulars possibly explain your similar disturbing obsession with Sarah Palin's daughter?

Bruce Webb said...

Just leave Bristol Alone!

Except be sure to tune in every week as she exploits her celebrity to do sexy dances in revealing outfits in hopes of cashing in under the name Team Ballin'.

Olives and Arrows what is a little disturbing is that you figure there is something odd about paying attention to a publicity hound. Appearing on "Dancing with the Stars" with you being the "Star" in question of your team is kind of an open shout out to "Look at me!!". Don't ya think? As is accepting payment to be on the cover of US Weekly.

Bristol seems to be a nice enough girl, particularly given her witchy mother and having been forced to play out here unplanned pregnancy on TV in the heat of a campaign, but face it she is a public figure actively seeking media coverage.

Contrast her situation with that of Willow Palin who has not sought publicity and mostly not been pestered by the media. Frankly I am a little tired of these Sarah Palin originated slams that somehow it is all about obsession bordering on paedophilia and all about "Sarah Palin's daughter" when the facts are that is all Bristol has as a claim to fame and fortune. If she doesn't want attention she can tear up her TV contract. Until then I am not going to be weeping at her plight.