Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hello Ladies

Here's your lesson for today from plainly handsome Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, never ever ever be moderately attractive and be near men, because you are totally asking to be abused and plainly are less than human, because the humans being men, they have no responsibility for their conduct.


StonyPillow said...

Rushbo is back in the Girl Haters Club. Guess that fourth marriage isn't working out so well.

Time to pack up the Viagra (meth available locally), and take a relaxing vacation in the Dominican Republic.

JDM said...

Geez, they both have enormous fat asses and Rush is morbidly obese. Has Beck no compassion for his (FAT) compatriot? I also love the reich double dip - the EmEssEm shows pics that make her look like a blonde ameriKKKan hottie girl who wouldn't fuck either of 'em for a million bucks ( "stuck up bitch," dogwhistle "just like all those other CU Next Tuesdays, shouldn't even have the vote") to second dog whistle, it's OK to shit on her, she's a MESKIN.

Fucking kkkloset case misogynist racists. But you knew that. And they think they're fucking kkklever because they slipped a couple over on their rubes and pissed the rest of us off. It's their world and we just live in it. Thanks, Preznit O'Blowme, for leading us forward with hope and change. Motherfuckers.

Joe Blow said...

Rush blows.. but GO JETS!

Rex & Co. is all about winning games and F'en pussy, with lots of eating drinking and shiting going on before, during and after the games.

So what if they leered and jeered at somebody in a locker room? These are JOCKS people... abusing females and homos is what they do!

Please... this reporter should have said "Suck my COCK!!" like that girl in "Heathers".

what a non-story.

Anonymous said...

that outfit didn't say reporter. more like she was trolling.

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